Managed Metadata Import Tool

Purpose of the tool is to assist in the INITIAL process of importing terms, synonyms and other language equivalents into the SharePoint Term Store.

Term Sets and Multiple Languages


Before you can define term sets in multiple languages, you must perform the following actions:

  1. Install the SharePoint Server language pack for each language that you want to support.
  2. From the Term Store Management Tool, add each language to the list of working languages for the term store.
  3. Select one language to be the default language for the term store.
In each language, you can associate multiple labels with a term. One label in each language is the default label for the language. Use the other labels for synonyms or abbreviations.


English and French Term Sets Imported and Linked


The great time saver here is that both languages are imported at the same time and linked for you in the SharePoint 2010 Term Store. The import format is very similar to the existing format used by the import capability in SharePoint Server except that we allow you to specify as many synonyms as you like and import the translations and their synonyms for your SharePoint Server 2010 Managed Metadata Term Sets.