Outsourced Application Development

LIKE 10 has significant experience leading SharePoint based projects.  We operate in a very transparent fashion which ensure the client is always aware of the current status of the projects.  We accomplish this by leveraging features in Team Foundation Server like Automated Builds, Unit Testing, Coded UI Tests, Build, Deploy and Test workflows.  The benefit of this is the information available which speaks directly to the quality and attention to their project.

Upper Canada District School Board

We created a SharePoint workflow to manage information related to various projects and the poeple involved at the school board.  The workflow streamlined what used to be a very manual process by requiring certain details to describe and classify the scope of a project and bringing it through the required process automatically.  

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)

We supported the CNSC’s adoption of SharePoint Server 2007.  We designed, configured, documented the HA SharePoint 2007 environment leveraging VMware ESX including a SQL 2008 Physical Cluster.  We developed many SharePoint features to support their intranet requirements, namely: Master Page Feature, Breadcrumb Feature, Top and Left Menu Features, English and French Toggle leveraging SharePoint 2007 Variations and Keywords Delegation Feature.

The SharePoint Intranet and deployed features are still in use today.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) / Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

We spearheaded virtualization on Windows Server 2008 at NSERC for the SharePoint Extranet project.  We was responsible for the SharePoint Server Farm configuration, implementation and documentation of the production environment.  We developed workflows using Visual Studio to support various program requirements at NSERC and SSHRC for deployment to SharePoint Server 2007.  We also created a SharePoint Team Site Master Page feature to support the GoC Common Look and Feel for SharePoint 2007.

The workflow abilities of SharePoint Server 2007 were used to streamline the Peer Review process.  Peer review involves the assessment of the merit of applications by impartial experts in the specific field.  Both committee members and external referees devote considerable time and effort, on a volunteer basis, to reviewing applications and making award recommendations. In 2007-10, starting from a few hundred and grew to approximately 13,000 experts who acted as referees and provided detailed, written evaluations of the merit of applications. Thirty-nine percent of external referees were from outside Canada. In addition, more than 800 experts from universities, government and industry, from Canada and around the world, participated as members of NSERC’s peer review committees and approximately seven percent of these experts were from outside Canada.