Visual Studio Upgrade

Upgrading Visual Studio

In order for many of the new features of Visual Studio to function, changes will need to be made to the existing environment. Whether you’re looking for the new project portfolio management features, or the new test case management features, simply upgrading an existing environment won’t be sufficient.  In some extreme cases a direct upgrade may not even be possible.  SharePoint, Reporting and Process Template updates will need to be made, and training will need to take place.

Microsoft Visual Studio is designed to support each customer differently, and while flexible, it can be a bit overwhelming. At LIKE 10, INC. our primary focus is to maximize your success with Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online. We work with you to understand your environment and culture. We work with your team, provide constant communication and most importantly deliver a truly unique approach for implementing Visual Studio in your organization.

if you'd like more information or have specific questions regarding your environment please see free to contact us at or 613.755.4055