Installing and Administering Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Many organizations are choosing to adopt Team Foundation for various reasons. Whether your decision is based on a better version control system, end of support for Visual Source Safe or cost, we can help.  You may not quite understand the full capabilities of Team Foundation Server or how to get started.

There are four different levels of interaction we offer, depending on the degree of help and participation you desire from your consultant.

  • Advisory
  • Consultative
  • Collaborative
  • Training

Maybe you are still evaluating Team Foundation Server and are unsure if it is the right solution for you? You have seen demos and heard it costs less than competitor tools, but you still have questions? LIKE 10 INC. offers Presentations and/or Proof of Concepts. We can guide you through the features of Team Foundation Server as you try to understand how the product can help your organization.

Adoption Strategy

Training - On-site training allows for you to get your entire team involved as a group when to learn Team Foundation Server. We recommend training the all the people (PM, QA, DEV, IT) involved in your project on the parts of Team Foundation Server that relate to their roles.

Consultative – We can guide you through the features of Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server to enable your understanding of how the Visual Studio suite can help your organization. We ask you questions about your current software development lifecycle and answer your questions. We work with you to determine how leveraging the ALM with Visual Studio can enable your team to efficiently build better software.

Collaborative – This is intended to get your development team up and running with Team Foundation Server. This short engagement is presented with a combination of training, process customization and installation guidance. This is done at your facilities "in-person" - involving your entire development team. To maximize your team members time, the different team members participate only in the training that is most relevant to their job roles.

Consulting Engagement – We spend more time training your staff and working with you to ensure the appropriate process is created for your environment. More complex environments often require extra time for installation and configuration. We can also work with your management team to ensure maximum efficiency

Advisory - In this capacity we would serve as your backstage resource, meeting with the team charged with the implementation. The role would include sounding board for plans, ideas and technical source for implementation steps, third-party objective review source, and facilitator of the implementation process itself. We would meet as often as needed and without constraint, constantly accessible by phone and e-mail for document review and advice.